Thursday, August 6, 2009


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Meet Joy, Mr. Jelly, David Sowerbutts, Robert and Mr. Lomax, whom all live in different parts of the country soon become linked when they all receive the same mysterious message reading “I know what you did.”

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The blind recluse Mr. Lomax gains the help of his care worker Michael, nicknamed Tealeaf, to complete his unusual collection.

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After his devastation from finding out that snappy the crocodile had been removed from ebay at the last moment, Mr. Lomax decides to travel to a private auction in Dudley to secure the final piece in his collection of commodities.

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David and his mother Maureen are in the middle of dispatching their next victim and sit down to a cup of tea, but are disturbed when they receive a mystery phone call.

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David and Maureen lure their next victim. Joy seems closer to making her dream for little Freddie come true, and Mr Jolly explains to Mr Jelly the motive behind the blackmail letters.